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15 Smart Steps To Help Measure An HR Department’s Success

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Human resources plays a critical role in every business. Your workforce is your company’s most important asset, and an effective HR program helps to ensure your teams are satisfied and productive.

Like any department, however, the HR team’s efforts must be measured to ensure they’re yielding success—and if they’re not, the data can help them make any necessary adjustments. But how do you find the right methods and metrics for this process?

To help, a panel of Forbes Human Resources Council members shared steps leaders can take toward measuring the success of their HR team or department.

1. Have Scheduled Listening Sessions

Having regularly scheduled listening sessions with the groups your HR team supports is a great way to receive timely feedback and allows internal customers to know their voice is being heard and their concerns are being followed up on. – Cathy NealBayer

2. Set Goals, Milestones And Measures Of Success

HR teams, like all business functions, can use metrics to gauge their progress and success. It begins with setting goals, milestones and measures. Focus on what’s in your control. Did you roll out initiatives on time? Did you engage the whole workforce? Are you providing the tools and training people need to do their jobs? Most important, tie your work to key business goals and priorities. – Mikaela KinerReverb

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