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15 Things Men Say That Get on Women’s Nerves

There is a communications gap between men and women at least as large, and vexing to women, as the pay gap

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When it comes to communication between men and women there’s a lot of misunderstandings. Even if the right words are being used, the vocal cues aren’t. 

Guys, even if you’re not trying to make women angry, embarrassed or uncomfortable, there’s a very good possibility that you will because men communicate differently than women. In most cases, I find that no matter the woman (my wife or women that I know) I’m making them uncomfortable without realizing it. 

However, if you’re aware of this fact, you can start correcting the problem so that there aren’t any misunderstandings. And, you can start by avoiding these words or phrases.

1.“Calm down.”

As most women will inform you, these are probably the most condescending and anger-producing words in the English language. Truly, the worst that you can ever say.

When a man says these words to a woman, it’s pretty much like adding fuel to the fire. You’re implying she’s not in control of her emotions, which in turn makes her feel self-conscious and even more-enraged. Meanwhile, it shows that you are saying that you, the man, are the wise and rational one.

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