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15 traits of creative individuals that can be misunderstood by others

By | Pearl Nash |

The world is full of creative people who make it so much more colorful and interesting. No matter what field they’re in, creatives are highly valued. 

However, they’re also often misunderstood. 

What exactly is it about creative people that leads to so many misconceptions or misunderstandings? 

The truth is, creativity is a complex and multi-faceted trait that can manifest in many ways. 

In this article, I’ll break it all down and show you the traits of creative individuals that are so easy to take the wrong way. 

1) Non-conformity and unconventional thinking

I’m starting with a trait you’ve probably noticed with creative people: they’re non-conformists. 

This is precisely why they stand out from the crowd. 

Creative individuals often think outside the box and challenge conventional ideas, whether it’s in art, fashion, or solutions to everyday problems. They’re not afraid to go against the norm and try something new. 

However, this is also why they’re often misconstrued as rebellious or stubborn. For example, a writer who refuses to follow the traditional rules of grammar may be seen as ignorant or arrogant by others.

2) Experimentation

Because they are non-conformists, creative people have this unique ability and a vivid imagination to experiment and try new things. 

They enjoy exploring different methods and techniques to achieve their desired outcome. 

The downside of this? They can be misunderstood as being uncommitted or unreliable. 

I have an artist friend who has experienced this. As someone who enjoys exploring different media, she has been criticized for not having a singular or recognizable style – a brand, so to speak. 

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