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15 ways to make a great first impression without saying a word

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Do you have a job interview or a hot date on the table?

Perhaps you’re about to meet your partner’s family for the first time, so you want to make a great first impression.

I hear you. First impressions can have a long-lasting impact, so understandably, you want to get off to a great start.

In this article, we’ll look at 15 ways to make a great first impression without saying a word. Let’s get into it.

1) Have a confident and positive mindset

The first step to making a great first impression starts with the mind.

If you allow anxiety to take over or go into a situation with a negative attitude, it will show. It will be written all over your face and body before you’ve even opened your mouth.

So, go into it with positive thoughts and a calm mind. Tell yourself you’ll smash it and that things will go well. Practice smiling too!

If you feel nervous and can’t stop thinking of all the worst outcomes imaginable, practicing mindfulness helps. This works by clearing your mind, taking and focusing on your deep breaths.

It can help give you peace of mind and calm before entering a new situation.

2) Dress appropriately for the occasion

Now, let’s move on to your outfit. Appearance plays a huge part in someone’s first impression of you, so you want to make sure you’re dressed appropriately.

What’s the dress code? Is it formal? Formal/casual?

Whatever it is, stick to it. If you turn up to a formal event in casual clothes, that can affect someone’s first impression of you. The same goes for under, or over-dressing for the occasion.

As for your clothes itself, make sure they’re clean and unwrinkled. If your chosen outfit has stains and holes in them, you might want to pick another outfit to wear!

3) Take care of your personal grooming

Personal grooming is important too. You’ll hardly make the best impression if you attend an event with a rotten smell following you around. And if you turn up with your shirt on backwards and bed hair, that won’t help either!

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