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15 ways your choice of music reveals your personality

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How does your favorite music reveal more about who you are as a person?

Taking a deeper look there are actually some very interesting insights we can find out from a person’s musical tastes. 

Here are the most interesting ways your choice of music reveals your personality.

1) How open-minded are you?

First of all, your musical taste reveals how open-minded you are. 

This is easy to tell:

Do you only like one or two very specific genres or are you quite open to almost anything?

Very open-minded people tend to like all kinds of music and love being introduced to experimental new styles, world music or any types of tunes that they may not have heard of before. 

There’s nothing wrong with being more selective and only liking a few types of music. 

The upside is it means you likely have stronger willpower and defined goals, values and ideals. 

There’s also nothing wrong with being more open-minded and liking most kinds of music. 

The upside is that you’re likely more curious and open to learning more as well as less judgmental. 

2) How intense are you? 

The next of the things that your musical taste says about your personality is it tells a lot about how intense you are. 

Do you like music that is more in-your-face and dramatic or music that is more chill?

Genres like heavy metal and classical can both be very dramatic and forceful, depending on what track or symphony we’re talking about. 

A genre like rap and hip hop tends to vary between intensity and a more relaxed vibe. 

A genre like jazz or rhythm and blues tends to the mellower side and is relaxed, indicating you’re more of a hands-off, “chill” person. 

At the same time it’s also worth considering that sometimes we listen to music to try to achieve a state rather than to reflect the state we already are, which is something I’ll also be taking into consideration in this article. 

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