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India @ 75 (2022) a vision by late Dr. CK Prahalad

By | Ramesh Ranjan

Late Dr. CK Prahalad, was asked to speak at the program India @ 60 organised by CII in 2008, and true to his style he chose to present his Vision of India @ 75 (2022). He stressed that rather than looking at the small rear view mirror and dwell on our past, it would be better if we channelized all our energies looking ahead in the Windshield in the front and hence chose to speak about the Future rather than the past.

He believes that India has the opportunity to actively shape the emerging world order. India can become an active player in shaping not only her destiny but the destiny of the whole world. He exhorts that we should stop emulating others but rather start working on the Next Best Practices.

Its unfortunate that he did not live long (he passed away in Aug2010) to see it materialise, but sure has laid down a Vision, prescribed a path and a journey if taken seriously by the Politicians, the Bureaucrats, the Corporate Moghuls and the Citizens at large, India surely has an opportunity to not only shape its own destiny but also pave the way for the Rest of the World.

Here is his VISION@75 


Here is what he spoke on this

Part 2

Explaining more in detail

A copy of his speech, which details his Vision @ 75.

[gview file=”https://humanengineers.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/CKP-Speech-India@60.pdf”]

Thank you Dr. CK Prahalad for so clearly articulating and laying down a road map for India. Glad that CII is taking this up seriously and organising workshops and Review programs every year to track our progress.


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