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How to Know If your Mobile Workforce Employee Is Lying About His or Her Location

By | Angelica Dowson – Employee Monitoring legality

Employees are like kids; you take them under your wing, groom them and teach them all the necessary things to help them excel at their job. However, there times when these “kids” may supposedly misbehave as well. What do you do when you find out that your protégé has been lying to you all this time? Misusing the resources issued to him? And taking advantage of your kindness?

When it comes to employing a mobile work force for example for a delivery company, a food outlet, or a retail store, you can never be sure about:

  • Whether your employee is taking the right routes for work or not?
  • Is he or she taking excessive detours?
  • Whether they are wasting time and other resources like fuel on the job?
  • Using company property for own needs and usages?

There are many such questions that often linger our minds when we hire a mobile workforce. At many time we may give them some leeway but taking undue advantage of that hospitality can go far and beyond as well. Therefore it is highly important that as a responsible employer, you are well aware of when the situation is getting out of hand. And the best way to do this is by installing spying software on all company owned property that is being issued to workers. For example this could include different gadgets like cell phones, tablets etc. Here’s what you get when you install a monitoring application to help ease your surveillance.

  1. Always know their current GPS location

With a mobile workforce it’s always a good idea to keep a virtual eye on them at all times. And with monitoring applications like TheOneSpy, this has become fairly possible in today’s era. Now you can easily know your employees current location at all times and don’t have to worry about them going off routes when on the job.

  1. Tap into location history at anytime

Location history is a very powerful tool for a couple of important reasons. One of these is that it can help your revise routes and look for new more efficient ways of getting from point A to point B. Secondly; it can be used as evidence in case you need to prove yourself when penalizing an employee over misusing company property or taking unnecessary detours on company fuel and time.

  1. Be aware about all their travel routes from before

With spying applications you can feed in the desired routes that you wish your employees to take at any time. This way you will always know what track they are on. And in case they do take an honest detour, you can always verify it through predetermined routes regarding how far and how much time it took off route. This way you will also be able to determine whether your employees are misusing company property for their own needs.

  1. Know the amount of time they spend on various detours and stops

Spying applications help employers become aware of the exact time employees spend on various detours. Other than having eyes in the sky with accurate GPS location services, employers can now decipher the reasons behind these detours by tabulating the exact amount of time spend on these detours and stops.

  1. Keep an eye on personal mails and messages

Monitoring applications also help keep an eye on personal messages and mails which may suggest any potential detours that may take place in the future. With the help of such software you can indicate any unaccounted plans of employees that are yet to happen during work hours. Not only will you be aware of these plans from beforehand, you can also determine your employees’ levels of loyalty and trust in you to inform you about such plans from beforehand.


It is highly important to understand that employees are people and not robots hence they are susceptible to making mistakes. Understanding these mistakes and scrutinizing the rights from the wrongs is a complicated process which has been made easy with the help of these monitoring applications. These spying software are just a means to an end, however using them effectively to your advantage can help you ten folds. It is also recommended that you let your employees know from beforehand that they are being monitored through policy notices etc. This will only help give you a protective net to fall back on in case something wrong happens.

Author Bio:

Angelica Dowson, a blogger by profession, an author significantly contributes towards mobile security, working for Employee Monitoring legality. If you want to know more about her you can follow her on twitter @angelicadowson2



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