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16 things badass women always do (but never talk about)

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A badass woman is confident, daring, and knows who she is.

She oozes inner strength that seems to scream “I know my worth”.

You’ll find her taking on the world and generally being her best damn self.

Here are 16 things that a badass woman always does:

1) She gives herself permission

You’ll never find a badass woman in the queue waiting to be handed out validation.

She’s not seeking the approval of everyone else, whether it’s on social media, in her personal relationships, or at work. Instead, she gives herself permission.

If there is something she wants, likes, or values, that’s good enough for her.

She doesn’t need to know that everyone else agrees.

That’s one of the reasons badass women aren’t people pleasers.

They know that their energy, focus, and time should be directed on living their own lives in a fulfilling way.

2) She takes risks

It’s not that a badass woman is reckless, she just knows how to take calculated risks.

She’s not going to let her comfort zone hold her back.

A badass woman realizes that to get what you want, you have to go for it in life.

That’s not always going to lead you down the safest path.

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