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16 Things Money Can’t Buy (No Matter How Rich You Are)

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It’s a safe bet that most of us have had the “If I had enough money” daydream of personal fulfillment.

As a social construct, money can do wonderful things: it lets you buy movie tickets with friends; facilitates dates; allows for the purchase of ingredients to make homemade soup.

But let’s never pretend we can’t, and don’t, enjoy the company of friends without it, foster intimacy and love in its absence, or achieve perfect bliss in finding the ingredients for various types of dishes in the wild.

Despite humanity’s worldwide fixation on money, there are things no amount of it can buy.

1. Contentment

Money never buys contentment. Time and again we’ve seen the opposite action holding true: the more one possesses, the more one wants.

The need for more becomes a strange addiction to dissatisfaction, rather than the search for contentment.

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