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How prepared & flexible are you for CHANGE?

We are living in a complex and dynamic world and the world  is changing at an ever increasing pace. Its often said that the only thing Constant is Change. Hence the successful people & organisations are those that can adapt itself to change.

It’s no fun being so set in your ways that the slightest little thing sends you into a stress-filled panic mode and leaves you feeling out of control. It sets you up for a very stressful life because you’re always having to defend your actions and thoughts to others, and if you struggle with self-empowerment or self-confidence issues, you’ll find yourself wondering more than once “why does this always happen to me?”

If you can train yourself to be more flexible and consider options, you’ll find that many of those stressful moments can be avoided. And even if they can’t be completely avoided, you’ll be able to come up with a “plan B” if you’re willing to compromise a little. You’ll come out of the experience feeling more empowered even if you don’t have control over the complete situation.

Would you want Change to lead the way for you or would you want to drive the Change?

How are prepared & how flexible are you for change …. find out for your self with this test 

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