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17 things confident people would never do (so you shouldn’t either)

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You recognize a confident person almost instantly.

But if you ask 100 people to define “confidence”, each person would probably give you a different answer.

It’s not always about their clothes, cool stories, power poses, or material success that shows confidence.

In my experience, it’s more about what confident people don’t do that sets them apart.

So in this article, let’s go through 17 telltale signs of insecurity and timidness that confident people never do.

Wipe these from your life and you can watch your confidence increase.

1. Get defensive when corrected

Confident people understand their own strengths and weaknesses and are able to listen to constructive criticism.

They’re comfortable acknowledging when they’ve made a mistake, but they also stand up for themselves when they’re being blamed for something they didn’t do.

When you’re comfortable with who you are – you don’t have to defend your insecurities.

Confident people regard feedback not as threatening, but as an opportunity to improve.

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