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17 Work-From-Home Accessories and Other Things That Make Life a Little Easier (Because We Could All Use Some Help)

By | Rebeca Piccardo |

As is true for so many, the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic marked a huge change in my day-to-day life: My tiny 400-square-foot apartment, which had just enough room for a loveseat, a small table, and a folding chair‚ suddenly became my home office. This unconventional setup seemed bearable when we all thought the confinement would last for a few weeks—a couple of months, tops—but obviously it’s taking far longer to get back to how things used to be before 2020.

Luckily, my lease was up in just a few months, and moving into a new, larger space allowed me to rethink my work-from-home setup. And it turns out many of my coworkers here at The Muse were on the same page. Most of us were adjusting to working 100% remotely for the first time—and in finding ways to make ourselves comfortable and stay productive long term, we discovered products that made a huge difference.

Here are 17 things that made our work-from-home lives easier in 2020—and may help you live your best WFH life, too, in 2021 and beyond (though I hope at some point it’s more of a choice than a necessity!).

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1. A Computer Monitor

Back in the office, we were all used to working on large computer monitors (in some cases, double monitors) rather than plugging away on 13-inch laptops. During the pandemic, many on our team were eager to recreate this setup at home.

“I had never really worked from home before. Once the work-from-home order occurred, I cleared off my desk and figured it would be good to have a second screen like I had in the office,” says Peenak Inamdar, Senior Director of Engineering at The Muse. After researching online reviews on Wirecutter and YouTube, he decided on a 4K monitor (which offers more pixels per inch, or higher resolution, than an HD display) to use as a second screen. “My laptop is still my primary screen—the new monitor is really used for when I need more real estate like when I’m working on big spreadsheets.”

In January 2020, Travis Sanders, Data Engineering Manager at The Muse, upgraded his home office with a wide-screen monitor and a proper desk chair, both of which became all the more essential when the pandemic started. “The monitor especially has been indispensable during this whole thing,” he says. “As an engineer, more screen space means less minimizing and shifting windows when I’m switching between various software I use throughout my day. I purposefully bought a very wide monitor for this reason.”

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