How This 17-Year-Old Used Social Media to Help Grow His Family Business to $300-Million

Source |  |  BY:John White , Columnist at Inc  

I’ve enjoyed speaking to several of Gen Z’s rising star entrepreneurs for my column. These young and ambitious entrepreneurs are leading the way for an entirely new generation that seems to have a strong interest in entrepreneurship.

When I heard about Anton Klingspor, I was excited to meet him. He’s created exponential growth in his family’s business that is in a traditional market that is literally centuries.

Anton isn’t your average 17-year-old — he’s dabbled in both venture capital and social entrepreneurship before sitting in his first college course. His story, intersecting with his family’s background, shows his novel approach to developing his family’s existing company.

Here’s a piece of our conversation:

JW: Your family has a truly remarkable business. What values as an up-and-coming entrepreneur were you exposed to growing up?


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