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19 Traits Of A Cool Person: Defining What Makes Someone Cool

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Everybody has a different perception of what ‘cool’ is.

Depending on what your interests, passions, and priorities are, someone who you think is cool might be considered by others to be pretty weird or boring.

For you, the personification of cool might be a rock star, an actor, or a high-profile eco-warrior.

It might be someone you know in person, or it might be someone you follow on social media or see in the news.

It might be someone with a special, specific talent, or it might just be someone with certain type of personality who just oozes coolness.

So, the concept of cool is a hard one to define.

Remember those kids at school that everyone just knew were the ‘popular’ group? Could you ever put into words what it was about them that made them stand out from the rest?

As we grow, coolness moves away from just being ‘popular’ and takes on a whole other dimension, which doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with having dozens of friends or dressing a certain way.

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