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What’s your Risk Appetite ? Take a simple Test to rate your Own and that of your Organisation…..

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Sustainability guru Bob Willard offers help to environment and sustainability professionals whose executives are pushing back on sustainability and asking, “Why should we bother with all this environmental and social stuff?”

Bob says what they really want is answers to the ‘Big Three “Whys“’ executives must ask of any value proposition – not just sustainability initiatives:

  • “Is it the right thing to do?”
  • “Is it the financially rewarding thing to do?”
  • “Will bad things happen if we don’t do it?”

These are the top three of ten “whys” any executive or board should ask, but Bob notes that answering a simple “Yes” to those questions may need a detailed cost-benefit analysis to back it up.

This assessment is essentially about risk and return – the topics of my next two workshops:

  • Liability to Viability: the risks the environment poses to businesses
  • ROI: the financial return on investment on environment and sustainability training.

Risk starts with understanding your personal and organizational risk appetite.

Download my short, humorous risk appetite self-assessment chart and work out your score on a scale across four risk zones:

  • stagnation and vegetation: extreme risk-aversion and the risk of doing nothing
  • prudence and common sense: a sound appreciation of risk as a sensible business tool
  • nothing ventured, nothing gained: risk perception as a creative business tool
  • delusion and denial: the fool’s heedless path to inevitable failure.

Why is this important? Because lots of people are assessing your risk appetite.

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