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2 simple questions that will change your energy instantly

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At my usual evening workout session in early January, while I was sweating it out with flutter kicks and crunching my abs quite hard, I shot a question at my trainer. Asking him how was the last year for him. After a small pause (and a shoulder shrug) he said it was okay, not good and not too bad. A few minutes later I asked him to list out 3 things that stood out for him in the last year. This could be in any area of his life – health, wealth, relationships, career, personal growth and so on.

Now his pause was a little longer, but he started to list the 3 things. First, he mentioned was self awareness – that he was capable of doing so much more with his life than running a hectic life in a night shift job. Second, it was an adventurous year in terms of giving up a cushy job of 13 years and roughing it out on his own as a personal trainer. He quit his call centre job to be a fitness coach! Third, (by now he looks more reflective, a small smile lights up his face) he said this gave him time to be with his two sons – picking them from tuitions and chatting with them, becoming party to all their daily conversations and the whole list of all that happened in their day – both his sons and him have been loving this time they are getting together, as a result of him quitting the night shift job.

A few crunches, jumping jacks and leg kicks later, I asked him the next question. What 3 things will need to happen in the new year, for you to call it an awesome one? This time his energy had completely shifted, it was one of hope and he was looking in the distance, thinking, smiling and telling me what he would like to make happen in the new year.

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