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20 Big Ideas that will change your world in 2020

Source | LinkedIn | Isabelle Roughol | Journalist & writer | Newsroom innovation & leadership

The world is accelerating. Years of technological disruption, tumultuous politics and an always-on workplace have left us out of breath. The end of the year gives us an opportunity to slow down.

Every December, we on the LinkedIn editorial team scour our feeds and reach out to dozens of our frequent contributors to identify the big ideas that will shape the year ahead. What rising conversations will matter to the professional community? In 2020, one theme is poised to emerge: After a decade of profound change, professionals are taking stock and questioning the world we built and the values that drive us. Is capitalism working as it should? How will we behave as stewards of our planet? Why have we made heroes out of tech founders? Have we elevated work to too high a status? “Existential”, it turns out, is the word of the year

We cannot promise to get everything right, but we do keep ourselves accountable. With 58% of our 2019 predictions outright wins — my colleague George Anders provides a detailed look back here — last year was our best showing yet. We humbly claim the right to try again.  

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