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20 Monthly Goals Ideas To Help You Grow in 2022

By | Kristianne Wargo |

Personal growth is the most rewarding because it honors hard work on what matters most. If you desire to become more successful personally and professionally, then you should set monthly goals to establish a purposeful mindset.

Schedules and commitments can get a little unruly. Utilize the definition of S.M.A.R.T. goals to personalize them accordingly to preferences. Here is where you will gain a tremendous amount of personal development and set yourself up for success this year. Prioritize these 20 monthly goal ideas to help you grow the coming year and be amazed at how your productivity and success accelerate.

1. Read One Book

Education is key to learning and expanding your perspective. Reading opens up the mind to understanding how an idea becomes a motion that moves one to take action. If you read one book a month, that’s 12 new books for the year. Imagine what incredible ideas you will experience and be able to implement every month.

2. Flex Your Core Muscles More Often

Fitness is essential to healthy living. But one area that is not focused on enough is the core: upper legs, abdominals, and back. It’s here where confidence is physically built. Stand taller because your body is stronger. Get to the core of what matters, and flex your core muscles.

3. Donate Unnecessary Household/Office Items

There is so much stuff that’s accumulated over the years. Instead of drowning in the piles, donate the stuff that you don’t use. And if you want to be proactive, for every new thing you bring in, donate one old thing of equal size. This way, the accumulation will lessen, allowing the mind to stay centered on the goal.

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