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20 Must Read Books For Every Entrepreneur

Source | INC42 : By Arjun Bagga

Entrepreneurship is no easy job. There are bad times as well as good times. Though the amount of hardwork one has to put in is immense, but if all goes well the returns are equally proportional and the satisfaction of achieving such unbelievable feats is what attracts more and more people to become entrepreneurs.

Every year young energetic folks take up this lucrative career. Although we agree that the entrepreneurs are born with talent but still just like polishing is necessary to bring out the best of the diamond, similarly its necessary to mould such talented individuals in a way that they can excel in this field. But, with little or no formal training in this discipline most of these youngsters succumb to their early failures and end up getting frustrated and later giving up on their dreams.

So here we’ve compiled a list of 20 books that we think every entrepreneur must read.

1. Bhaag

Author: Ganesh V.

Bhaag provides an overview of student entrepreneurship in India and narrates the journeys of 11 highly motivated student entrepreneurs. Each story, although different in it’s challenges and the key to success, takes the reader through the twists and turns in the life of entrepreneurs, the mistakes they make, how they hit upon the business idea, the struggles and successes thereon, the current status of the company and plans for the future.

The author has carefully chosen entrepreneurs in the book covering multiple verticals. And the best part is that the entrepreneurs featured in this book come from small/unknown colleges, not the IITs and IIMs. It encourages the reader with the spirit that if these youngsters are doing it, so can the you.

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