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20+ Phone Interview Questions You Should Be Ready to Answer in 2022

By | Alyse Kalish |

Getting invited to a phone interview can feel like you’re making your first real step toward your next job.

So of course, you want to crush it. You want to go in prepared. You want to know what the interviewer is looking for, and you want to know what questions you’ll have to answer.

Usually, phone interviews are the first step in the hiring process and very high level: The interviewer is “screening for risks, they’re trying to validate your qualifications, and they want to see if you’re a fit,” says Muse career coach Tina Wascovich. “Who are you, what do you know about us, [and] why do you want to work here?”

Of course, it’s entirely possible you’ll get asked very specific questions that are unique to the job or your field. But more often than not you’ll get asked some of the the following common questions in a phone interview:

Read on to learn how to answer these questions (along with example answers), what other questions you might get, and how to prepare for your phone interview.

1. “Tell me about yourself.” Or, ”Walk me through your resume.”

These two similar (but not identical) questions are common interview openers. Asking one of these helps connect the dots between you and the position, says Muse career coach Angela Smith, a former recruiter. Sometimes the person interviewing you won’t be the hiring manager but a recruiter or someone in HR who has little background in your field. In that case, they may have zero context as to what makes your resume a good fit. “And for people who have a really diverse background or random jobs,” she adds, “it can be hard for the person reading the resume to make those connections.”

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