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20 Things Only Assertive Women Do Consistently

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Assertiveness is a trait more commonly associated with men than with women…

…but you couldn’t care less because you wear that label with pride.

You’ve been called self-assured, strong-willed, and firm. You may have also been called some less kind things by those people—men and women—who find you intimidating.

But that’s water off a duck’s back. You epitomize an assertive woman, and you can likely tick off each of these 20 traits, right?

1. She knows her values and her worth.

Values are important to an assertive woman, and they often make their decisions based on them. Assertive women are very self-aware, so they know exactly what they stand for and believe in.

Being assertive also means knowing that you are worthy of love and respect. Assertive women actively recognize their own self-worth every day, and this makes it easier for them to be confident.

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