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20 Ways To Improve Your Profile At Work

By Barry


Increasing your popularity at work will benefit both your personal and professional life. It doesn’t have to involve sucking up to management, below are 20 ways to improve your profile at work.

  1. Listen to colleagues

  2. Offer to help

  3. Be empathetic

  4. Smile

  5. Be positive

  6. Organise an outing or social event

  7. Give thanks where it’s due

  8. Stay away from gossip

  9. Have respect for others schedule and workload

  10. Find common ground

  11. Show an interest in other people

  12. Use good manners

  13. Be genuine

  14. Don’t be a snitch

  15. Be confident

  16. Don’t show off

  17. Don’t try too hard

  18. Take part in activities and projects

  19. Encourage teamwork

  20. Observe

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15+ years of career experience in the HR technology sector spanning software support, account management and online marketing. Nearly a decade of writing expertise, with 750+ published articles on all aspects of professional life, which have been linked by such sites as The New York Times and Huffington Post. Builder & Manager of the CIPHR brand across numerous social networks, email campaigns and company blog. Driving business through engagement, content and sponsored campaigns, while continually optimising social strategy and content marketing via analytical tools and best practices.



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