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2017 – Get ready for the RIDE of your LIFE in BUSINESS

Source | LinkedIn : By Aiyshah Gwilliam

Ever watched the television series ‘Deadliest Catch’? Probably never heard of it, right? Well seriously, … it! It is the truest metaphor I’ve ever seen for any business in 2017. No, I’m not talking about the business of fishing here either, I’m talking about every single type of business out there today. Let me tell you why.

Everyone have been talking about disruption and surviving the fragmentation in business recently. Some businesses have already been through it and others are still going through it, but if you haven’t seriously hit the storm yet, 2017 may well be your jackpot year! And I don’t mean that in a positive way.

We are seeing it with Donald Trump as President or Brexit in the UK – never before have we seen anything so unthinkable and no one seems to be able to do anything about it. Then there is Uber taking over the taxi world, and Airbnb dominating the hotel trade, and still no one seems to be able to do anything about it. Legislation seems to becoming obsolete! Never have we ever thought that the law would never be able to protect us in the most basic of forms…but here it is….reality has changed and we have to be able to ride this out in ways we could have never imagined.

So let’s take ourselves back to that stormy sea.

In 2016 we could see the dark clouds coming, the waves were getting choppy and we may have managed to maneuvre our way through a couple of obstacles, but it will be nothing compared to what 2017 will be. 2017 will be the ‘Perfect Storm’ on all fronts.

So the question is – how do we survive this?

It’s easy for me to sit back and say …be creative, open minded, and versatile, but these are only the concepts related to the leader. I prefer to view it in another way. Imagine you are on that ship on that ocean and the big storm comes. The ocean is all things outside of your business, that means your distributors, your agents, your market, your regulators, your government, and anything else that impacts your business. Your ship is your business and the crew are your staff. The ultimate question is, which ships survive?

There are four key components to this survival:

1.      Firstly you will need to have a strong boat, made of tough materials, and engineered in a way that if it takes on water it can flush it out the other end without too many problems. This is your basic business, what you sell, the nuts and bolts of why you are a business.

2.      Secondly you will need a strong engine. This is your operational flow. This needs to be both streamlined as much as possible with limited conflicting issues – everything needs to be ironed out, yet versatile and open for new ways of operating in a moment.

3.      Thirdly, you will need plenty of fuel, in fact an excess of it if possible, because you won’t know how long this storm will last. And well, in business, we know what fuel is……money! This is always the most difficult part.

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