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2019 was great. 2020 will be awesome!

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As we are approaching the festive season, I wanted to take a moment to wish you happy holidays, an amazing New Year, and to thank you for being a loyal member of our audience!

Without you, and our other subscribers, customers, partners, and colleagues, AIHR would not exist.

Our promise to you is that we will always provide you with the latest HR training and tools to help you develop the most in-demand practical skills, essential for a bright future and a blooming career in HR.

Since the end of the year is typically a time for reflection, I took a look at 2019 to see how we’ve lived up to this promise.

So stay with me for a couple more lines, and I’ll even give you a sneak peek of what you can expect for 2020. 

(In case you’re the forward-looking type, just scroll to the bottom for the 2020 sneak preview!)

The 2010s end on a high note…

Team and culture

As everyone in HR knows, the people and the culture are what ‘makes or breaks’ an organization. AIHR is no different in that regard. Behind the courses, resources, and excellent learning experience is a team of highly competent and motivated young professionals and subject-matter experts.

That’s why I’m personally most excited about the growth of our team in 2019.

The AIHR team has tripled in size this year.
For us, this meant that employer branding, employee experience and embedding a culture of continuous innovation have been important themes in 2019. How’s that for practicing what we preach!

For you, this resulted in more valuable resources being created, new courses launched every month, and more personalized coaching and support to help you stay at the forefront of HR!

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