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2021 Kick Starts – HR Evolution Post Pandemic

By | Amitava Ghosh | Employee Relations & Compliance Practice Head I Author I PhD Research Scholar

Every time with technological intervention in the workplace, the scope of HR changes its dimension, strategy, policy planning, etc. in tandem to the technological needs. The disruption as a result of Covid-19 has led to changes in

●     Behavioral pattern,

●     Emotional connect with the organization across levels

●     To some extent integrity, trust, faith and general expectations.

Job security – is generally no more a reliable term, as people lost their jobs when their survival was at stake. HR team will find it difficult to understand the behavior of employees in days to come, their commitment levels. Post Pandemic many organizations have started their businesses at a slow space & would again be required to be manned with enough manpower. However, the loyal and committed resources might have a changed mind set as they have seen the ruthless face of the organization.  

While all options to earn were closed as a result of termination, it has also developed a positivity and tenacity amongst the working class, particularly in the organized sector, as they are now more self-confident & self-sufficient to identify an alternative source of income for survival. This can prove to be scary for the organization to identify and engage a resource that best suits a job. Though there is no dearth of unemployed qualified resources, they have learnt to combat the crisis for more than six months and that too without any hope and vision.

Every job seeker may behave differently compared to the pre covid era, as regular employment no longer generates the same amount of trust and loyalty. Therefore, HR will find it difficult to retain resources who are already aligned to other alternatives.

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