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21 Days – A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

By | Ravi Santhanam | Executive Coach – Leaders & Teams

That is right. The 21 Days of lock-down, is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Think! Have you ever before been granted the privilege of 21 days of doing nothing but chilling at home? Are you likely to be granted a similar opportunity, in the future? Unlikely.

How can you use these 21 days to do all those things you wanted to do, but never got around to doing? I suggest you make 3 lists, by asking yourself some simple questions. Check them out, and decide for yourself.

List 1: Relationship Building

  • Who are all the people (friends, family and professional colleagues) you have been wanting to catch up with, but never got around to? Why don’t you give them a call or invite them for a video chat?
  • Who are all those you wanted to meet either for personal or professional reasons? Why don’t you reach out to them through a common friend or the social media? Some of them will certainly respond positively and you would have expanded your network, for times to come.
  • Are there people, you have always felt grateful towards, but never got around to telling them that? Why not buzz and tell them of your gratitude?
  • Is there any one with whom you had fallen apart, and you wish you hadn’t? Why not reach out and clear the air? 

List 2: Self Development

  • What is the one positive trait or skill that you have always admired in others and regretted not having yourself? Why not acquire this trait or skill? The world wide web offers a number of useful resources. And, I have no doubt your friends and family will have valuable suggestions. Why not invest time on your own development?
  • Are you as fit and heathy as you would like to be? What are the gaps you would like to bridge? Again the world wide web offers plenty of resources. And, your well wishers will have valuable suggestions. Why not become what you always wanted to be?

List 3: Have Fun

  • What are the fun activities you always wanted to do around home or on the world wide web, but never found the time to? It could be a board game with the kids or watching a movie or seal on any of th streaming services. What is stopping you?
  • What are the simple improvements you have always wanted to make, but never got around to? Cleaning up the Desktop on your laptop or hanging up a picture, or reorganising your wardrobe? Why not do it now? While clearing up a mess is drudgery for a few hours, the joy of getting rid of a mess will last many weeks!

Circumstances have gifted you “A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity”. Use it!

Republished with permission and originally published at Ravi Santhanam’s LinkedIn

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