22 Entrepreneurs Thoughts on Employee Engagement

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#1 Alberto Gil Co-Founder of Hockerty

Employee engagement is key to the performance of your organization. Especially on organizations where the teams are relatively small to the size of the business, you can’t have just mercenaries exchanging hours for money. You need passionate individuals about the business and its mission. There are several ways to work on this engagement. It all starts on recruitment, working close to your employees, know their motivations, needs and concerns at every moment and provide them with tools to know more about the business, to keep learning and to remind them that they participate in an organization with a mission they like.

#2 Alison Bernstein Founder of Suburban Jungle

The key to maintaining engagement when working remotely is staying in touch.. daily. I highly value one phone time with my employees, as they can always provide me feedback on what’s working, what can work better and the trends they are seeing in the market. This allows us to adjust and evolve in real-time.

As for other ways of keeping the team tight, we have weekly calls, monthly meetings and are all connected via Slack on a daily basis. Slack allows us to keep an ongoing conversation -whether it be about our latest blog post or press hit, to share our accomplishments, congratulate each other and more. Our monthly breakfast in-person team meetings serve as a sensational way to brainstorm, reconnect and all come together to powwow.

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