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22 little phrases to ban from your vocab to become classier

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Our words are powerful. They impact not only how we feel and think, but how others see us too.

Our words can heal or they can hurt.

Yet so much of the language we use, we fail to scrutinize.

For example, the use of certain expressions becomes a habit. Or we adopt particular figures of speech, without giving them much thought.

But we all should be more mindful of the language we use.

What exactly is “classy” vocab?

Here’s the thing:

This article isn’t intended to make you feel bad or wrong for using specific phrases or words.

The reality is that how we express ourselves is a learned behavior that is forever changing and evolving.

Many scientists argue that languages biologically evolve according to natural selection. Meanwhile, others have claimed it can also happen quite randomly.

But the fact remains, the way we speak largely depends on how and where we were raised.

And sadly, classism very much exists within language.

People may judge everything from our word choice to our accent in order to make sweeping conclusions about us.

Academic Sonja Ardoin, Ph.D. has highlighted her own personal struggles with language snobbery.

Despite having “three degrees and over 12 years as a higher education employee” she finds her working-class roots still create “language barriers and tensions rooted in classism” at work:

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