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22 Working-from-Home Tips That Actually Boost Productivity

Source || Daniel Bubnis

Working from home is a blessing and a curse. No commute — blessing. Dealing with “You cut out, can you repeat that?” 40 times on a Zoom call — curse.

Though we can’t magically fix video conferencing technology, we can make the remote working situation a little easier.

By embracing the good (stretchy pants forever) and mitigating the bad (“I haven’t spoken to another person in a week!”), working from home can be productive, relatively low stress, and sometimes pretty fun!

Here are our top 22 tips for being your most productive self while working from home.

1. Set up a clean space to work

Whether you have an at-home office or a temporary set up on your kitchen table, make your workspace your temple. In short, keep that shit clean.

According to a 2011 study, digital and physical clutter takes more energy for our brains to process. This means working in a messy environment — from your desk to your desktop — actually wears down your brain and reduces overall productivity.

2. …but don’t tether yourself to it

There’s a lingering stigma that if you work anywhere other than a formal table or desk while working remotely, you’re probably slacking off. The structure of a desk with a multi-monitor setup certainly has its benefits.

But so does stretching out on the floor if you struggle with back pain. Or sipping on a latte while reviewing spreadsheets from your favorite coffee shop. Or working from the couch in sweats with your feet propped up, just because.

Wherever you’re able to focus, be productive, and support your team is where you should work. Period.

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