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Gaining Power & Influence

Source | Professor Brian Uzzi | Kellog @ Northwestern University

Gaining power and influence is not something that you can do overnight but it’s a goal that can certainly be achieved if you worked hard for it and gave it the time it requires.

Power has two Elements, personal power and perceived power. Personal power is the type of power that makes you recover from setbacks, reach your goals, stand your ground in hard times and achieve anything you want.

Perceived power is the power that the people who know you think that you posses. A person might be powerful but completely unnoticed to those around him and another person might be weak yet appears to be powerful to some people.

In order to gain power and influence you need to build personal power then market it to others.

How do you assess your Power & Influence ability . Click on the below link to go to the corresponding test. Scores are automatically calculated and compared to reference distributions of the scores of random samples of managers.

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