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25 Things Managers Do That Drive Their Employees Crazy

Source | Forbes : by Liz Ryan

The hardest part of being a manager is not managing the workflow or the department’s operations. The hardest part of being a manager is dealing with the hundreds of “people” issues that swirl around us at work!

It’s not easy being a manager. Even the best managers slip up at times and say or do things that make their team members grit their teeth.

Some managers make three or four gaffes a day! Here are 25 things managers do that drive their employees crazy:

1. They give the same assignment to two different employees, both of whom invest precious time and energy on the project before realizing that they’re duplicating one another’s work.

2. They say, “Thank you so much!” to someone who brought them a cup of decaf coffee in a meeting but don’t say a word of thanks to the person who worked until midnight for two weeks straight putting together a killer sales presentation.

3. They wait until 4:30 in the afternoon to tell you about an urgent priority that has to be handled today.

4. They deal with you every day but they can’t remember your title or your job description.

5. They call a meeting to walk through the new Strategic Plan and once everyone understands it, they say, “Of course, this Strategic Plan still has to get approval from our VP.”

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