Ten Company Rules That Destroy Trust And Teamwork

Source |  | Liz Ryan, CONTRIBUTOR

What inspires your employees to care about their work?

Employees care about their work when they know their company cares about them!

You cannot force your employees to care. If they don’t care about hitting their goals, you can put them on probation and fire them one after the other, but it won’t help.

When fear takes over your culture, you will never climb out of it until you learn to trust your team.

If you want creativity, collaboration and big ideas from your team, you have to invest time and energy building a high-trust culture.

To start building trust in your organization, you must remove impediments to trust and teamwork.

Ancient, tone-deaf company policies are some of the biggest roadblocks!

Fear-based management based on rules, hierarchy and constant measurement and evaluation of employees is cruel and unethical, but is also bad business. Your customers expect your company to be able to  hire great people and keep them happy.

Rules like the ones on our list below keep your employees feeling mistrusted and insulted. Who could innovate or collaborate feeling that way?


Here are ten outdated and insulting company rules to ditch in 2017.

  1. The rule that requires employees to bring in a doctor’s note when they are sick. If you hire adults, you don’t need to treat them like children! People know when they need to go to the doctor and when they don’t.
  2. The rule that requires employees to get their managers’ approval to transfer within the company. This dumb rule is a great way to get employees to leave your organization altogether! It should never be easier to job-hunt outside the company than inside it.
  3. Any appraisal process that pits employees against one another, including forced or stack ranking and “bell curve”-type performance review systems. Fearful leaders often assume that no manager could have a team full of great employees and no poor performers. Leaders get what they expect to get, and if your performance evaluation system assumes that many of your employees are poor performers, that’s exactly what you will have! Healthy companies don’t build performance appraisal systems that require managers to rate some people low on the totem pole or that rank employees relative to one another. Every employee is unique. It’s the interaction of the team that makes sparks fly! Get rid of any crusty 1980′s-style performance review systems you are still hanging onto.
  4. The rule that requires employees to fill out anonymous, secret 360-Degree Feedback forms on one another. If you want to build trust and teamwork, you’ll encourage people to give honest and compassionate feedback to one another directly, the way humans have done for millennia. If you want to inspire paranoia and mojo-sucking internal competition, you’ll force employees to rate one another anonymously instead! 360-degree feedback is one of the worst HR ideas ever to come down the pike. Get rid of it, and build so much trust that your team members will happily help and coach one another.


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