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26 Things Every Person Should Do For Themselves At Least Once A Year

By | Brianna Wiest |

1. Buy yourself a good pair of shoes. A really good pair of shoes. A could walk around the city for 8 hours and feel okay pair of shoes. A matches everything you own real leather well fitted did the song and dance of shopping around and trying on and evaluating style and fit and durability pair of shoes. The initial money you put toward them will actually amount to a lot less than you’d waste replacing the crappy pairs you buy in the interim (and a few extra dollars are worth sacrificing for general daily discomfort.)

2. Write down a list of things you didn’t think you’d be able to get through and then did. We usually just forget about the issues we spent weeks and months and years panicking over and creating our lives around – because they resolve naturally, or end up only having been issues we made up. So the next time you’re absolutely heartbroken, remember the last breakup you were certain you wouldn’t get over. (You did. You will. This too shall pass.)

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