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3 Benefits of Working With a Packaging Engineer

By | Nickey Pickorita

Packaging engineers are the ones that design the packaging in various different industries, such as packaging for food industries, different liquid packaging, and various shipping materials. Packaging engineers are almost the same compared to other engineers. That being said, there is a slight difference. These individuals are great at solving problems. Additionally, with their help, you can reduce unnecessary usage with modern packaging technology. This will definitely save you a lot of money in the long run both on production and distribution. They bring a lot of benefits with their services which are essential if you are in the production business. You will quickly see that they have an essential role in the success of your business. With their knowledge and skills, they will make sure that the packaging looks good, costs as little as possible, and most importantly that it keeps your product safe. Here are 3 benefits of working with a package engineer.

What is a Packaging Engineer?

First, let us briefly go over what a packaging engineer is and what they do. First and foremost, a packaging engineer has the job to design the best possible packaging for your product. The packaging they design has a variety of uses for different products, for example, packaging for food, shipping packaging, and even packaging for chemical industries. The job of a packaging engineer is vital for the industry in general. Many industries have strict requirements for packaging as it needs to be as safe as possible because of the nature of the product inside. Additionally, the packaging must be as durable and long-lasting as the product inside. Something with a long shelf life requires adequate packaging that can also last as long. Lastly, the packaging also needs to be a perfect size so it can be stored more efficiently, while also reducing material waste, and so they can easily fit into a bottle unscrambler machine for example.

The responsibilities of a packaging engineer really depend on the context. They can vary from industry to industry quite a bit. For example, in the food industry, a job of a packaging engineer can be to design a specific packaging for a specific type of food. This packaging needs to fit the food product perfectly, keep it safe during transport, and most importantly for the product to remain safe for consumption. Furthermore, in the case of a logistics company, a packaging engineer needs to focus on designing really specific packaging for shipping products in special circumstances. That being said, packaging engineers rarely work alone. Usually, they work in teams to ensure that there will be no problems. They often do several tests before the packaging is approved.

Benefits of Working with Packaging Engineers

Here are the most noticeable benefits that packaging engineers bring with their services.

New and Innovative Product Development Ideas 

The job of a packaging engineer only begins when the new product is approved for production. It is vital that the packaging engineers stay in contact and work with other teams in order to create the perfect packaging. Furthermore, the work process of a packaging engineer is not as easy as you might think. Here is what they need to do. First, they need to inform themselves about the environment the product will be placed in during transport and storage. This is important as the product can spend a significant amount of time in storage. Secondly, they need to find the perfect material that they will use for packaging. Thirdly, they need to come up with a design that is secure and space-optimized. Then they need to design the internal features, ensure sustainability, test the packaging performance, figure out how to efficiently package the product, and ensure that the packaging will last as long as it needs to.

Focusing on the Value

With everything we mentioned above, the job of a packaging engineer is not easy. Package engineering is mainly focused on the quality and efficiency of the packaging. That being said, a packaging engineer needs to do just that, but also keep the costs as low as possible. The problems can arise when the new up-and-coming engineer inherits the old designs without trying to improve them. Additionally, in some cases, the packaging is approved for the sake of being approved. This does not mean that the packaging cannot be improved upon. These mistakes can cost you a significant amount of money.

Solving the Problem at Hand

A good packaging engineer needs to be able to solve problems quickly and efficiently. They often work with both managers and workers. Because of this, resolving problems quickly is a necessary skill to have. For example, the need arises for a package to be changed. The managers give some instructions as to how they want the new package to look and the rest is up to the engineer to figure out the solution. It goes without saying that the solution should be better and cheaper than the previous packaging.

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