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3 Harsh Truths to Accept if You Want to Be Successful

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I’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t want to be successful. But to meet that goal, you have to have a solid sense of philosophies that actually work in the office and ones that are…well, let’s just call them crap.

Scott Moody, CEO and founder of K4Connect, has gained that perspective in part from experience in Silicon Valley. But he’s also had other life experience–brain tumor treatment, deaths in the family, and travels to Rwanda, for example–that have allowed him to separate the truths from the nonsense. And he’s pinpointed the top three myths that routinely hold talented people back.

1. The idea of work-life balance is something to obsess over.

“The fact is, if you really want to climb that corporate ladder, or start your own company, it’s going to take a LOT of work. Sure, you can say that you are only going to work 9-5, and that can work, as long as you talk everyone else in the company, or every other startup in the world, into only working 9-5 — and that is just not happening. It takes work, and that takes time, period.”

Moody says, too, that life isn’t made up of only two things (work and the rest of your life). It’s actually a big mash of many things, such as church, hobbies, and friends. And each of those can get broken down even more, for instance by splitting family into parents and siblings.

“So it’s all a matter of setting priorities. […In] my late 20s, when things were really going well in my career, my wife’s grandmother died, [and…] my eyes were opened when I walked into that church–it was packed. […] It was then that I realized I had my priorities all wrong; that Mary Brugh had touched more people in her life than I ever could no matter how rich I was. The next weekend I spoke to my wife (now of 39 years) about having children…[I] get a lot wrong […], but knowing where my priorities are while working very hard is not one of them.”

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