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3 Insanely Cool Reasons to Become An Engineer

By | Jennifer James | Freelance Writer

If you love tinkering with electrical devices to see how they work, enjoy math and architecture, and often think about ways you can enhance some of the buildings and structures you see in your city, you may want to become an engineer.

If you’ve gone through all the necessary training to be an engineer or are thinking of starting school, you may want to arrange an externship or apprenticeship so you can put your academic knowledge to the test and get hands-on training.

Engineers make a huge impact on the world because they are qualified for a number of important tasks. According to service firm, EAD Corporate, engineers help contribute to the “design, construction, commissioning, and validation” of different projects for various people. Whether you want to build or improve essential medical equipment, create robotic systems, or enhance the transport system in your city or state, you’ll make a huge difference in the lives of the people who need what you have to offer. You may even get the chance to travel to different parts of the country and the world to use your engineering skills for projects that could change the way people live and do business.

Interested in becoming an engineer? Here are three reasons this line of work could be especially rewarding.

1. You’ll Likely Never Be Out of a Job

One of the reasons you might seriously consider a career in engineering is job security. You can find a job anywhere in the country since there’s always a need for engineers. Even if you don’t want to work in the US, you can find international contractors and companies who are looking for qualified engineers. This gives you the opportunity to travel and see the world while you pursue your professional passions. It’s also nice to know that engineers are paid very well. In some areas, you can make as much or more than a doctor! This should definitely give you something to look forward to if you’re an engineering major and nearing graduation.

2. You’ll Learn How to Make New Things

Being an engineer means that you’ll have the chance to be creative nearly every day. You can do most of your work at the computer, but there are also opportunities to use your hands. You’ll be asked to tackle exciting projects and work with contractors and architects to build bridges and stadiums for cities, neighborhoods in various parts of town, and other improvements to structures and popular sites in your region. You can also make the most of the scientific skills you’ve learned during school since successful engineering will require you to be familiar with physics, and chemistry in some cases. As you gain more confidence in your professional abilities, you may want to bid for your own projects so you can put your signature touch on structures and systems in your area and grow your own business. If you’re still in school, you’ll likely create some of your own projects to prepare you for the workforce.

3. You Can Work In Several Departments

Even if you hold a particular engineering degree, you can still transfer to work in a totally different specialty. As an engineering graduate, you can work wherever you prefer, regardless of your specific field of study. It’s important to be flexible as an engineer since you have to understand several industrial and technical techniques and terminologies.

You may even be involved in management and training as an engineer which means you’ll have the chance to enhance your leadership skills. Whether you prefer to be the on-staff engineer for an architectural firm or want to train students or novice engineers, you’ve got several options due to your expertise.

Becoming an engineer means that you’ll have a wealth of knowledge that will give you the opportunity to build things that will impress your friends and clients. Each time you embark on a new project, you have the chance to perfect your skills and problem-solving abilities. Even when you’re an established engineer, it’s still a good idea to take continuing education courses so you can become familiar with new tools and technology that will make you a sought-after professional in the engineering field.


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