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3 Leadership Practices That Will Help You Get Comfortable With Chaos

Anxiety-based motivation is not sustainable and it will destroy your workforce


For C-suite leaders, setting the tone is paramount when it comes to morale. When Covid-19 disrupted businesses, leaders were tasked with adopting a new workflow as well as managing the widespread anxiety felt across their organizations.

While fear evokes a strong response, the result from anxiety-based motivation is not only unsustainable, but also detrimental to the workforce. The solution? C-suite leaders need be comfortable with chaos and find a more positive way to lead.

To keep teams motivated amid industry and global changes, leaders must keep three best practices top of mind.  

1. Be versatile.

As an employee’s work environment dramatically changes, the ability to look to an effective leader remains a constant that pays dividends when it comes to productivity.

“The hardest part of being an entrepreneur is grappling with constant change; by the time your team masters a new process or workflow, in an instant, the processes that you worked hard to build are suddenly disrupted,” says Steve Fredette, president and co-founder of restaurant management platform Toast.

One way leaders are navigating these uncharted waters is by leveraging collaborative tools more frequently than they would if they were able to meet in person.

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