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3 Lessons That Will Transform Your Leadership Philosophy

Source | | John Hall

Leadership doesn’t come easily to first-timers. I should know: I was one.

When you think about leading a company, a lot of people tend to think about the glamorous parts of the job. They often imagine leaders shaking hands at fancy conference tables, giving passionate keynote speeches, and hanging out with the frontline employees (because they’re so down to earth). While victories and fun times can certainly be part of the deal, leadership also has another side — and that’s where the real leaders shine.

Leaders are responsible for everything that happens under their watch, good and bad. That includes the reputation of their brands, their office cultures, their turnover rates, and more. The best leaders take accountability as often as they can, while questionable leaders look for someone else to blame when things go wrong.

As you guide your company through its ups and downs, remember these three truths about leadership:

1. You are responsible for the well-being of your employees.

Company leaders are responsible for more than financial decisions and business growth: They are also in charge of employee morale, performance, and job security. The stress of that responsibility can feel overwhelming, but leading a team successfully is one of the most rewarding parts of the job.

You want to lead the company well because all the people who work there depend on the organization for their livelihood. You aren’t just growing for profit’s sake — you’re working to help keep families housed and bills paid. Plus, you don’t want your workplace to feel like “just a place to work.” Employees deserve to feel like the time they dedicate to your organization is worthwhile, not just because of the money they make but because of the satisfaction they feel.

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