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These 3 Management Styles Belong In The Past

Source | Forbes : By Paolo Gallo

What assumptions am I making, that I’m not aware I am making, that give me what I see?

This powerful question, taken from Benjamin Zander’s book, The Art of Possibility, has been stuck in my mind for a while. Traditional management thinking is based around three fundamental assumptions.

First, that organizations need a top-down approach to strategy and objective setting; second, that the role of management and human resources is to measure/control what is being done to achieve objectives and to provide the corresponding incentives for performance or non-performance; and third, that monetary incentives motivate people.

Accepting these assumptions, grounded in a dogmatic approach, means that CEOs and executives decide on behalf of people, managers control and HR professionals develop complex systems to measure performance, incentives and consequences. Sounds like the same old story of carrot and sticks.

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