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3 New Job Interview Questions Companies Are Asking Right Now

You should prepare answers for these questions, because you probably never had to think about them before

Source | | Monica Torres

Now that COVID-19 vaccines are widely available in the U.S., more employers want workers back in offices at least some of the time.

According to a January survey of 133 U.S. executives, only 5% believed that workers did not need to return to the office to maintain good company culture; instead, the most common response was that employees should work at least three days in person. But a significant number of workers want to keep working from home for part of the week, and some never want to go back to an office at all.

As a result, the needs and wants of workers and employers may be at odds, and hiring managers are asking new job interview questions designed to reveal discrepancies. Companies don’t just want to know if you can do the job, but if your preferred working arrangement aligns with their return-to-office plans. 

Here are the types of questions you need to prep for:

1. ‘How do you complete a project with minimal supervision?’

Daniel Space, who has worked in human resources for over 20 years, currently consults with business partners on strategic staffing, including interview questions. 

“As it relates to COVID, a lot of the questions that we ask are … behavior-style interview questions that tell us your ability to succeed in a fully remote environment,” he said. “What kind of touchpoints do you need? How do you take direction with minimal supervision? How do you handle different time zones? How do you keep yourself organized and managed?”

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