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3 No-nos You Never Expected Would Work in a Business Presentation

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Jordan was ready.

Research and practice squared away, he was as prepared as he was ever going to be.

This was Jordan’s first presentation but he was confident. With so much preparation, who wouldn’t be?

Sales figures and marketing campaigns weren’t the most exciting topics, so Jordan planned to get them in and out quickly. Fast presentation. No extraneous detail. On point.

The organizer was finishing up his intro, introducing him. Jordan took a deep breath and stepped on stage.

Days later, Jordan would wonder what went wrong. Why did his audience range from forceful pushing back to watch-checking ambivalence?

Here’s the thing:

By most standards, Jordan delivered a great presentation. Practiced, logical, audience-focused.

So what went wrong?

Why was Jordan’s audience so angry or apathetic?

Jordan’s presentation was great. He followed all the rules.

Despite dotting all his i’s and crossing all his t’s, Jordan failed to connect with his audience.

Here are 3 methods you can use to connect with an audience, even if you’re doing a business presentation.

1. Share a story

Stories are the number one way you can engage and connect with your audience in a presentation.

When most people think of stories they think of the kind of stories they hear in a TEDx presentation. The “I survived a heart attack and this is what I learned” kind of story.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Stories that will engage your audience just need to be simple anecdotes. What has happened to you that’s related to the point you want to get across.

Want to introduce a new computer system? Start with a story about a problem you had with the existing system.

Want to inform the office about a new dress code. Talk to the funny complaint you received about the current dress code.

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