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3 Questions Every CHRO / CEO MUST Ask

Source | LinkedIn : BY Sudip Verma

Leading a business and organization does require CEOs and CHROs to have a thorough understanding of their businesses, customers, industry etc.

Obviously there are a number of questions that they frequently ask and seek answers for.

However, I believe, leaders will stand to benefit if they can seek answers to the following 3 questions. For these 3 questions will provide them exceptional insights about the organizational culture they are driving, consciously and unconsciously.

The 3 questions are:

1.      Why do people join?

2.      Why do people leave?

3.      Why do people stay?

Let us dwell deeper into these 3 questions.

1) Why do people join?

“I want to damage the company I am joining.” Said no new hire ever.

It goes without saying that every new employee who joins an organization brings a lot of optimism to the table. They are excited about success – individual and collective. Research suggests that people are generally more engaged within the first few months of their joining an organization.

It is, therefore, important to understand

–         What kind of talent are we attracting?

–         Are we successful in attracting the right kind of talent with relevant skills, experience, education and aptitude?

–         How are we perceived by potential hires?

–         Is that how we want to be perceived?

–         What is it that drive people to join us?

2) Why do people leave?

Much as we would want our talent to continue working for us forever, attrition is a business reality that cannot be brushed aside. Since attrition will always be practically above 0 let us focus on understanding the aspects of attrition.

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