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3 resume mistakes that could land your application in an AI hiring filter ‘black hole’

By | Rebecca Picciotto |

Nowadays, the first person to look at a job candidate’s application is usually, well, not a person at all.

Data from 2019 found that three out of every four resumes are never seen by human eyes. And in January, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission estimated that 83% of all employers, including 99% of Fortune 500 companies, use automation to filter job applicants.

The result is what some experts have referred to as a ‘resume black hole,’ a void where certain resumes are automatically filtered out before they make it to a real person’s desk.

To be sure, artificial intelligence did not originate the resume black hole. Even when hiring processes were fully administered by humans, there were flaws in the system that led some applications to get lost in the mix.

“The black hole exists pre-technology,” says Frida Polli, chief data science officer at talent recruiting platform Harver. “The resume black hole oftentimes just has to do with the fact that companies are, quite frankly, just ignoring certain pools of candidates. And that’s been true for a long time.”

She says that Fortune 500 companies have always screened out candidates who do not have certain credentials to expedite the selection process, though she notes that in today’s tighter labor market, employers are trying to expand their hiring pool rather than shrink it.

Still, the black hole remains a fixture of the hiring process, and today, it is automated by an artificially intelligent algorithm.

Here are the three common mistakes experts see job seekers make that hide them in AI’s land of lost resumes.  

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