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3 Signs That You’re About To Lose Your Job

Recession worries have put everyone on alert about layoffs. Here are three red flags employees need to know to protect themselves from an unexpected job loss

By | Daniel Lehewych |

  • With a steep inflation and a potential recession looming, many industries should expect to face substantial layoffs in the coming months.  
  • It’s crucial to know if you need to be looking for a new job because searches while employed are typically more successful and much less stressful than job hunting while unemployed.  
  • Some major red flags indicating layoffs are coming include news of industry-wide layoffs, office/store closures, hiring freezes, freezes on bonuses or pay raises, co-workers quitting without replacement, and cuts to pay, benefits, and hours.  

Few — including many economists — genuinely understand the complexities involved in the current global economic situation concerning inflation and a potential recession, which we may or may not already be in.  

High-profile layoffs are already happening, and what most experts do agree on is that layoffs in various industries are guaranteed to explode during the next several months. No matter the severity of a recession or the damage done by inflation, the corporate world is preparing for more layoffs.

Looming layoffs are scary for all workers, but a job loss can be particularly catastrophic for employees who are caught off guard. Finding a new job while employed is much easier than when unemployed, so it’s smart for employees to be on the lookout for red flags that indicate layoffs could be coming at their company.  

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