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3 Smart Ways the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs Are Using Tech to Empower Their Businesses

Experts reveal how new startups are reaching a global network of investors

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What does it mean to democratize access to information and open channels to a global network of investors? Modern money is no longer buffered by fortress walls but in constant motion and actively seeking investment opportunities with doors wide open…if only you can find it. Entrepreneurs are no longer working out of makeshift garage spaces, but moving in sync with the new cadres of digital nomads, opening themselves up to broader exposure and more chance interactions than ever before. Decentralization is the buzzword on everyone’s mind. Is it the key for those who will go on to master the Web3 revolution?

We talked to some of Propelify Innovation Festival 2022‘s speakers about how technology is propelling startups to success.

How entrepreneurs can utilize tech to propel their startups

“The first answer that comes to mind is the technology-enabled connectivity that allows people to create, consume, and socialize from wherever they are in the world. That’s been a huge development over the last few decades. But what I’m most excited about are the decentralized networks that have sprung up as a result of this connectivity. The next generation of entrepreneurship will be all about creating and tapping into these networks of investors, collaborators, and customers. Barriers to entry are being systematically dismantled by technology, a process that unlocks a vast amount of human potential that can now align with others to form communities. Web3 is showing us what happens when talented people don’t need permission to build their dreams, and the innovation that results is incredible.”—Professor Ronghui Gu, Cofounder and CEO of CertiK

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