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3 Smart Ways to Differentiate Your Ecommerce Business and Give Customers What They Really Want

It's time for businesses to break up with ecommerce best practices. Here's why — and what to do instead

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The ecommerce industry has been running on autopilot in recent years, regulated by a set of “best practices” that are supposed to help businesses increase their brand visibility and boost sales. However, these practices are what’s stopping businesses from reaching these goals. While these practices might create a frictionless commerce experience through an ecommerce website, they also produce an unoriginal and boring path to purchase for shoppers. Shopper expectations have evolved; therefore, it’s time for ecommerce businesses to do the same.

What do shoppers want?

Shoppers want something different and new. Sixty-four percent say it’s rare to see a website that feels unique or has unexpected functionality. This means that businesses need to develop a different brand and purchasing experience that helps them stand out from millions of other ecommerce businesses.

So, how can businesses set themselves apart and gain the attention of shoppers? A good starting point for businesses should be to break up with two prevalent best practices to elevate the shopping experience and distinguish themselves from the competition.

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Practice #1: Frictionless commerce = the best commerce

The ecommerce industry has long held the practice of creating frictionless customer shopping experiences. Features like streamlined search, website navigation and checkout quickly guide shoppers from the landing page to the checkout screen. However, creating a frictionless experience only benefits infrequent or one-time shoppers. Frictionless commerce might bring in new customers, but it doesn’t create brand loyalty.

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