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3 Staff Bonding Activities That Aren’t Cheesy

By | Amy Sloane | Freelance Writer

Happy workplace culture is a prerequisite for a happy workforce. The positively charged environment that organizations should aim to achieve for when the atmosphere is charged up it will naturally create a happier workforce where employees work harder and play harder not just for themselves but also for the development and achievement of organizational targets and goals.

One way to increase morale is to plan staff bonding activities. But we aren’t going to talk about team building activities or trust fall exercises. We are talking about bonding. Here are 3 staff bonding activities that aren’t cheesy.

Group Picnic

The first thing you need to know when you are thinking about how to plan a group picnic is the time that is best to go. Depending on how long you have been together, and how much you have planned out, you may want to make a schedule where everyone knows when the party will be. 

If you are planning on going to an area with a lot of trees then you might want to wait until the last minute to decide on a date, but you can always call or text everyone a week before the actual event to let them know if there is anything else to be done, you can even pick up the phones and tell everyone so they know what they are going to need. Plan ahead so you know where you will all be heading for the night.

This will give everyone a chance to break bread with each other. It will help everyone get to know each other outside of work without the restraints of work on anyone.

White Water Rafting

White water rafting is often thought of as dangerous, but if you look at the experience as just a bit of fun on a beautiful river or stream, then you can see why so many people choose to take this type of trip. You’ll find that once you are on a raft, you’ll have an adventure unlike any other, and once you are out in the river you’ll be amazed by how nature can make things seem easy and simple. When you want to know how to prepare for white water rafting, it’s easy to see why.

If this is something you’re genuinely interested in, the best way to find a place to go is to try Google searching, “rafting trip down the Kern river” or where ever you’re closest. After you and your staff endure a heart-pounding and exhilarating experience together, you’ll have a bond like no other. 

Volleyball Tournament

You could do any sports tournament really, but let just use volleyball for the time being. This is a great way for your staff to work together as a team while having fun. But a few tips to note as you’re planning this. 

One of the most important factors when it comes to planning a volleyball tournament is the number of teams you will be playing against. It is important to make sure that there is sufficient space for all teams to play. Also, decide what your rules are, such as if you will be using one team to ‘capture’ another and have them forfeit the match if they cannot capture it. Decide on whether you want to play ‘head-to-head’ or ‘best of three’. If you choose to play ‘best of three’, you will want to divide up the teams into two or three groups so that they are not competing against each other.

Once you’ve decided on the number of teams, the time you have for them to show up, and what type of tournament you are planning, it’s time to set up your equipment and bring your coaches and players together. Decide what type of score you are going to use and how you are going to decide who goes first and who goes last. As you will be using a ‘capture’ rule, the team with the most points wins. Then, it’s time to assign numbers to the teams. These numbers, along with colors and logos, are posted at your volleyball club.

If you want to learn how to create a happy workplace culture, all you need to do is remember that being happy is the first step to a happy workplace. Once you have found ways to encourage positive feelings and behaviours, then it is time to work hard at ensuring that they permeate your organisation, your office and the world around you.

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