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3 Times You Need to Drop the Act and Be Honest With the Hiring Manager

By | Richard Moy |

You’ve probably been told countless times not to show your hand during the interview process, especially when it comes to letting a hiring manager in on other opportunities you’ve lined up. As a recruiter in a previous life, I’ve heard the gamut of textbook answers to the simple question, “Where are you in your search?”

Right now, I just can’t focus on anything but the opportunity to work here because I am so, so excited!

This really checks a lot of the boxes on my list. It would take a lot for someone else to impress me more.

I’m just really enthusiastic about the possibility of coming to work for you.

Newsflash: Interviewers have heard all of these responses from multiple job seekers. And more importantly, they don’t hold it against you if it’s not the truth. In fact, they’d be surprised if you didn’t have a few balls up in the air. While you should exercise a little caution throughout the process when letting a hiring manager know about what else is going on, there are three times when you should definitely speak up.

1. When You’re on The Fence About Going to Work for the Company

Just because you’re well equipped with the right questions to ask at the end of every interview, doesn’t mean you’ll always get great answers.

If you’re feeling as if you’re getting sold a bill of goods throughout the process, don’t be afraid to give the hiring manager a little nudge, including a heads up about other companies you’re speaking to.

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