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3 tips for a ‘hyper-focused’ resume to grab recruiters’ attention at a job fair, according to a career coach

By | Ashton Jackson |

Your resume can make or break your chances of getting a new job opportunity. Though some hiring managers and recruiters may spend time thoroughly scanning your resume, at a career fair, you usually only have seconds to make a good impression.

In this current competitive job market, it’s important for candidates, especially new graduates, to have a resume that’s eye-catching and informative. 

Emily Liou, a career happiness coach and founder of job search platform Cultivitae, has reviewed thousands of resumes over her almost 10-year career in recruiting and career coaching, and says your resume is “a marketing tool, not a tell-all of everything you’ve done”

“Crafting a resume can be a bit more challenging for a career fair because you’re not tailoring it to just one organization or one position.”

Based on Liou’s advice, these three tips can help you make sure your resume is career fair ready:

Be clear and concise

According to an ex-Amazon recruiter, you have six seconds to grab a hiring manager’s attention when they’re reviewing your resume. If your resume is wordy and drawn out, chances are, they probably won’t take the time to read it all.

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