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3 Toxic Phrases You Should Never Hear Come Out of a Leader’s Mouth

Being a good leader certainly involves the words you choose


Too many managers are improperly placed in positions of leadership when they aren’t equipped with the competency to inspire and engage their employees.

Leadership competency certainly involves the words you choose as it relates to communicating with people. While action speaks louder than words, saying the wrong things can be devastating to an employee and strip them of their ability to perform well. 

Using your positional authority or status to attack and dishonor another human being in a lower position contributes directly to that person’s morale and state of being.

With that said, here are three phrases you most likely will never hear come out of a good leader’s mouth.

1. “I don’t need your advice.”

Toxic bosses aren’t team players because they don’t trust their people enough to delegate or seek their input on things — it’s about power and control and they must exercise it to feed their ego. When facing tough challenges, on the other hand, good leaders put the team first by seeking perspective from several angles. They talk to various people to get clarity and determine a course of action. At times the decision may not be the most popular, but it’s always the right one because they sought many voices from sound minds.

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